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Larry ten Voorde & Wouter Boerenkamps shine during fourth meeting of the PCCB

- Robert de Haan (Richardson Racing) strengthens championship lead

- Sacha Norden (Team GP Elite) excels in the PRO-AM category, Cedric Chassang (Team GP Elite) wins twice in AM

ASSEN, 13 August 2023. Guest driver Larry ten Voorde wasted no time on his debut in the Porsche Carrera Cup Benelux. The Dutchman, two-time champion in the Porsche Supercup, secured both pole positions and both victories in Assen. ten Voorde was also very positive about the Benelux competition after the races. Just behind him, another Dutchman also caused quite a stir. Ten years after his last motorsport competition, 27-year-old Wouter Boerenkamps cruised to a front row starting spot for Sunday's race, finishing third and fourth in the races. That's what we call a successful comeback. Meanwhile, Robert de Haan finished second twice and is in pole position after Assen for the title race.

“Full stands, a lot of animation and an incredible atmosphere: that is the summary of this Jack's Racing Day, synonymous with the fourth meeting of our Porsche Carrera Cup Benelux 2023”, says Olivier Aerts, the Series Manager of the competition. “Moreover, the fastest one-make cup in the Benelux could count on the presence of Larry ten Voorde and another brilliant comeback came from the bus, in the person of Wouter Boerenkamps. Last but not least, the competition on the track was very nice and the tens of thousands of racing fans certainly enjoyed our competition.”

From a sporting point of view, there is a lot to say about this successful weekend, with of course the double victory of Larry ten Voorde: “Of course it is fun and I enjoyed this weekend”, said the winner of Assen. “The Porsche Carrera Cup Benelux really is a great springboard for young talent and the organization is very professional.”

On Saturday, ten Voorde beat Robert de Haan and Wouter Boerenkamps, while Ariel Levi (Huber Racing), Rik Koen (Revs Motorsport) and Sam Dejonghe (RedAnt Racing) completed the top 6. The beautiful and fair battle in PRO-AM resulted in a victory for Hans Weijs (Hans Weijs Motorsport), who made his debut. He got ahead of Sacha Norden and Joan Vinyes Dabad (Baporo Motorsport). In 'AM' the victory went to Cedric Chassang, ahead of Ralph Poppelaars (Hans Weijs Motorsport) and Roger Grouwels (Speedlover).

On Sunday, Robert de Haan was again second best, ahead of Glenn van Parijs (August by NGT), who unfortunately retired on Saturday. Wouter Boerenkamps was now fourth, ahead of the Huber Racing drivers Flynt Schuring and Ariel Levi. Sacha Norden was primus in PRO-AM, ahead of Hans Weijs and again Joan Vinyes Dabad. Cedric Chassang, Ralph Poppelaars and Roger Grouwels (Speedlover) were then allowed to take the podium again in the AM category.

de Haan does a good job in the battle for the title

Behind ten Voorde, Robert de Haan drove a very sensible weekend, resulting in two second places, but as ten Voorde entered the races as a guest driver, the championship leader scored twice: “Of course I was aware of that and I didn't take any risks, especially after Glenn (van Parijs) retired in the first race. I'm doing a very good job here and I'm leaving with a nice bonus for Glenn's home race at Circuit Zolder in a few weeks. Maybe we should start counting a bit…” In the championship, De Haan now leads with 174 points, ahead of van Parijs (124) and Ariel Levi (93).

And what about Wouter Boerenkamps? Ten years after his last race, also at Circuit Assen, the 27 year old from Eindhoven made his comeback and did it beautifully.

“I really enjoyed this weekend and the races in the Porsche Carrera Cup Benelux are really great. Obviously this makes sense to move on, maybe this year, maybe later. Anyway, this is and will remain a wonderful memory!”

Appointment now on 8, 9 and 10 September at Circuit Zolder, where the ninth and tenth races of the 2023 season are scheduled during the internationally renowned European Truck Grand Prix.

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