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ADAC GT Masters at Circuit Zandvoort sets the stage for third meeting of the PCCB season

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

- Battle in all classes, season will be halfway after Zandvoort

- Harry King, Jan Lauryssen and Sebastien Lajoux head to the Netherlands as leaders in overall standings, PRO-AM and AM in Porsche Carrera Cup Benelux

Zonhoven, June 22, 2022. Time flies and that also applies to the fastest brand cup in the Benelux. After the round at Circuit Zandvoort this weekend, the Porsche Carrera Cup Benelux will already be halfway through the season and an initial balance can be drawn up by Sunday evening. This weekend, the ADAC GT Masters, one of the strongest GT3 championships in Europe, will race. From a sporting point of view, Harry King (Parker Revs Motorsport), Jan Lauryssen (Q1 TrackRacing) and Sebastien Lajoux (DUWO Racing) are respectively the leaders in the overall standings, PRO-AM and AM class in Porsche Carrera Cup Benelux. There are again two sprint races of 30 minutes and one lap on the menu this weekend, with starts respectively on Saturday at 4.30 pm and Sunday at 3.35 pm.

“We are indeed halfway through the season after this meeting, which means that we can draw up a good balance for the first time”, says Olivier Aerts, Porsche Carrera Cup Benelux-Series Manager, “but first allow me to start with more human news. During the previous meeting in Zolder, Wim Meulders became unwell and was later hospitalized for heart surgery. On behalf of the entire competition, I wish him a speedy recovery and also express my thanks to the people of the Porsche Carrera Cup Benelux and Circuit Zolder who ensured an appropriate and rapid medical response. At the same time, his friend and teammate Rik Renmans makes an appearance in our paddock to replace Wim in Speedlover's car."

From a sporting point of view, the battle continues on all fronts. In the general classification, where of course the PRO drivers rule, Harry King (Parker Revs Motorsport), ahead of Glenn van Parijs (NGT Racing), followed by a compact pack of very strong pursuers. It is in Zandvoort looking forward to the reaction of the Dutch who of course drive at home, led by Xavier Maassen (#TeamPGZ by RedAnt Racing), but Rik Koen (PG Motorsport) and Lucas van Eijndhoven (JW Raceservice) are also doing this for the first time. season at home. Other contenders for the medal are of course Ghislain Cordeel (Team GP Elite), Maxime Soulet (August Porsche Addiction), Sam Dejonghe (#TeamPGZ by RedAnt Racing), Dylan Derdaele (Belgium Racing) and Sebastian Freymuth (PG Motorsport).

Intense battle in battle

Like Harry King in the overall standings, Jan Lauryssen started the season very strong. The entreprenenur from the Kempen not only leads in the PRO-AM class, he is also ninth in the overall standings. “I do want to remind myself that in just a year and a half of racing, but my past in high-level motocross has allowed me to adapt quickly,” said the reigning AM champion. “This Porsche brand competition is the best school there is to take even more steps forward and the title is one of my objectives for this season.”

It goes without saying that Tom Boonen (#TeamPGZ by RedAnt Racing), Koen Wauters (Belgium Racing) and Didier Glorieux (Speedlover) will do everything they can to prevent Lauryssen from achieving that objective.

Internationally tinted company of racing entrepreneurs

… that is indeed the best definition of the AM class in the Porsche Carrera Cup Benelux, where we see, next to Rik Renmans, for the aforementioned reason, another American newcomer: Pete Aronson in the colors of Speedlover. Sebastien Lajoux is now the championship leader, but the Frenchman feels the hot breath of Stijn Lowette (NGT Racing) on ​​his neck, while Sven Van Laere (JW Raceservice) is third. Meanwhile, Joan Vinyes is back with Baporo Motorsport and Jeroen Kreeft (Parker Revs Motorsport) and AD Geerts (#TeamPGZ by RedAnt Racing) finish a home race.

Please note that qualifying (Saturday, 11 am) and both races (Saturday at 4.30 pm and Sunday at 3.35 pm) can be followed via the livestream on the website

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