Due to the latest COVID19 situation we had quite a challenge to rebuilt our 2020 calendar with lots of cancelled and overbooked events. After liaising with many of you we’ve decided to adjust the format of our two championships to create joint events for what will be a special Porsche Motorsport Benelux 2020 season. Our goal is to offer our teams and drivers the best possible calendar under the given circumstances, so we can resume our common passion which is racing the Porsche brand.

Every championship will keep its different divisions, classes and podia even if we share the tracktime. This enables us to offer you 5 events covering 14 races in total !

For now we have no extra details to share with you about public/VIP attendance as it’s forbidden, but rules will probably change again in the next weeks.

The new format who can slightly be modified as to the available tracktime at every event:

FP1 : 30‘

FP2 : 30’

Qcup : 10-5-10

Qsprint : 15-5-15

R1 : 55’ (long race)

R2 : 30’

R3 : 30’

Official Test Day

The official launch of the season will be on 9th July at Zolder racetrack for our official testday (3,5 hours tracktime). That day we will also organise the Photo shooting of all drivers and cars to have the material for our communication during the season.

We are working on a test opportunity with Porsche Motorsport that day so that all newcomers and interested teams could test the Porsche Cayman GT4 CS car at reasonable conditions and get connected to the teams of the championship. If you have any interest in this opportunity please contact me.

Revised entry forms and entry fees

These will be finalized within two weeks for teams and drivers. Please use these forms exclusively for each new permanent or guest application.

Teams and drivers who are already successfully entered in one of the championships, do not have to reapply. All entry registrations which have been handed in before remain valid and will automatically be adjusted to the new racing calendar.


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