With 4 championship candidates in 4 different teams, both overall as in the B class, it promised to be an exciting final raceweekend in Barcelona. And it sure was! During Free Practice and Qualifications different drivers took the lead with minimal time gaps between them. Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Benelux raced together with the French colleagues of Porsche Carrera Cup France. This proved to be a good call again since battles on track were even more intense.

Race 1 started with Ayhancan Güven in pole position, before Dylan Derdaele and Xavier Maassen. Güven battled it out with his French competitors while Derdaele and Maassen were fighting hard for the second step on the podium. After a mistake from Maassen, Derdaele went through and his team mate Glenn Van Parijs also passed the Dutch championship leader.

Before Race 2, the championship was still undecided. All drivers were on top of their game. Exciting battles ahead with Xavier Maassen on pole position and Dylan Derdaele right behind him. Unfortunately, they touched each other in the first lap, game over for Derdaele and Maassen dropped all the way back due to damage to his car. Ayhancan Güven climbed his way up the pack, eventually winning the Benelux class followed by David Saelens and Glenn Van Parijs.

Van Parijs had a great weekend in Barcelona. The Junior driver only started racing cars this year and he won the B championship right away. Xavier Maassen is the 2017 overall Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Benelux champion, for the second time in his carreer. We can’t wait for the 2018 season to start!